Our company focuses on the development and engineering of software solutions

We create video processing and UAV software dual-use technology solutions for defence industry
& provide services in Information Security, Radio Communication and Network Infrastructure,
Engineering and Audit of Technological Solutions

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Technological & Engineering Solutions

We offer problem solving to companies, manufacturers and governmental institutions and actively cooperate with official agencies of the Republic of Armenia, in particular with Ministry of Defence. Moreover we partner with international scientific organizations including NASA Develop National Program and Rostec and participated in OCA-DLR Asteroid Survey (O.D.A.S.), ExoMars European Space Agency and International Continental Scientific Drilling (ICDP) programs.

Custom software development for military & civil applications

We have vast experience in working with SDK for hardware devices including surveillance cameras & UAVs designed by the largest manufacturers such as DJI Innovations, Dahua Technology and Hikvision. We also operate in Industrial and Critical Infrastructures protection and design printed circuit boards.

mobile app and web development

Back-End Development, Data Architecture & Engineering, Data Visualization, 3D DEMs & GIS Data Mapping and AI Solutions.
We develop Applications and APIs using specialized software solutions & provide Advanced Threat Prevention and Automated Cloud Network Security.

More than 7 years of work experience in the field of information technologies and business


  • 3D DEMs and GIS data mapping

    Building online & offline maps and other graphic displays of geographic information for analysis and presentation.

  • AI Solutions

    Applying advanced analytical techniques for more accurate modeling and predictions of trends, events and situations.

  • Data Visualization

    Creating visual representations of large data sets which help to understand difficult concepts and identify new patterns.

  • Back-End Development

    Developing efficient back-end solutions for various web, database architecture, cloud-based and mobile applications.

  • Critical Infrastructures

    Providing wide range of unique algorithms for resilient protection solutions against all kinds of cyber-attacks.

  • Applications and APIs

    Building solutions for web and mobile & enabling their integration to drive innovation and transform businesses.

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